Troop 58 Annual dues

Troop 58 Membership Dues are collected annually for each scout.


Summary of what is included:

​- National Annual Membership Fee with Boy Scouts of America

- Troop Insurance for Facilities and Supplemental Health Insurance

- Boys Life Magazine

- Advancement & Insignia (Merit Badges, Rank, Position, etc..)

- Troop Administrative Costs (Banking, Printing, etc...)

- Software (Troopmaster, Website, Brand, Signup Genius, etc..)

- Capital towards new gear and repairs

- Storage rental

DUES: $200

Due Date: Oct. 12, 2021

Complete the form below and choose your Payment Option.

- If Paying via PayPal, there will be a $7.46 Administrative Fee, so your total will be $207.75.

- If Paying with Scoutbucks, then choose the option below and we will deduct $200 from your account. We will contact you to confirm the transfer has been completed.

- If Paying via Check make the check payable to "Troop 58" for $200 and bring to a troop meeting or mail it to: PO Box 58, Davidson, NC 28036. (NOTE: you do not need to pay the $6.28 Administrative Fee


The National Membership Fee is the amount Troop 58 has to pay BSA National every February for every registered member (scouts, adults, merit badge counselors, etc..). We collect this fee as part of the annual dues, and then pay this amount each year in a single lump sum.

At BSA's National Annual Meeting in June 2021 it was agreed that the national annual membership fee would increase by $6, about 50 cents per month. This is increasing because the costs associated with Scouting, including the cost of liability insurance continue to increase and the organization is not able to subsidize the increased costs as it had in the past. This fee increase is effective August 2021.

At Boy Troop 58, we have decided to not pass this fee increase to our scouts. This fee will be absorbed into our existing Annual Dues. We increased our Membership Dues last year and planned for such a increase. However, if the fees increase in the future we may have to pass this fee increase along.