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Quick Start to

Community Service

1. Choose at least one of the many Troop-organized service projects offered throughout the year and SIGN UP. This is the easiest and most efficient way to ensure you meet service requirements for rank advancement. You can also choose a project outside of the Troop and get pre-approval from the Scoutmaster.

2. Always follow youth protection guidelines and volunteer with another Scout, parent or leader. This is for your safety and is a BSA requirement.

3. Plan your project so you help a whole community and not an individual or private group. Download and print the Community Service Hours Reporting Form linked below, or pick up a copy from the advancement team at any Troop meeting.

4. You may perform service to help an Eagle Project, your school, religious organization, a charitable organization, our Chartering Organization the Davidson Lion’s Club or a local community. See complete guidelines for details and examples.

5. Ask an adult helping to run the event to sign your form. Parents should only sign if they are running the event, there is no one person in charge of volunteers or you have completed an individual project.

6. Email your completed, legible and double-checked form to Heather Densmore ( or Amy Johnson ( and copy a parent and patrol advisor OR submit a paper copy to the advancement team at a Troop meeting, either within 30 days. Incomplete or late forms will not be processed. Email is preferred so you keep a copy and can resubmit if necessary.

7. Check requirements for your rank advancement and specific Merit Badges when planning your community service. Get pre-approval if you have any doubt whether your project meets requirements.

8. Have fun representing Troop 58 while doing a good turn!


Community Service Documents

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