Fall Backpacking


GraysonHighlands (2).jpg

Sept. 23rd – Sept. 25th

Meet: Friday Afternoon at 5:00pm at Dr. Y’s parking lot

Return: Sunday ~Noon

Location: Grayson Highlands State Park, Virginia

Camping Type: Backpacking

Cooking/Food: Food Provided (except Friday dinner) 

Cost: $27.00 ($28.12 if using PayPal)



Dinner On Friday: Either eat prior to arriving at Dr. Y's OR pack a meal to eat along the way.

All Other Meals: Food will be pre-packaged and provided by the troop. 

Ever heard of the Wild Ponies?

The U.S. Forest Service released the herd, which numbers about 150, into the area in 1975 to control brush growth in the area’s balds, a once heavily forested region that was cleared with extensive logging during the late 19th century.

There is a very good chance we'll be camping around the ponies and they will come visit, but who knows, they are wild...


Don't let any unknown's steer you away from the trip!! Backpacking is one of the highlights of scouting and some of the best experiences you will have. We will discuss more about what is needed and we can work with you on any gear needs.

Review this link talking about gear (Backpacking Gear), but we will spend more time in the coming weeks on this topic. If you don't have all the gear or have questions about the gear needed, lets talk about it. There is probably something we can help with.

New Scouts/Backpacking Novices/Parents