Summer Camp - Camp Daniel Boone 2022

Required Troop 58 Camp Forms
Required BSA Medical Form

Annual Health and Medical Record

This is the REQUIRED medical form.  Complete parts A, B, and C -- 2 copies of each and the front/back of your medical insurance card.  (It's also above in the "Required Troop 58 Camp Forms" but I want to be doubly sure you have it!

Summer Camp Update

Second Payment

Click the link below to complete your next payment for camp Daniel Boone. 




Merit Badges

Click the link to access our Google Form to fill your your preferred choices for Merit Badges, and answer a few short survey questions. Deadline to complete: March 15, 2022






You are not guaranteed your Merit Badges choices, we will do everything possible to get you your preferred choices


June 12th - June 18th

Camp Daniel Boone is a fabulous summer experience that gives Scouts the opportunity to work on Merit Badges and enjoy a whole lotta fun with Scouts from Troop 58 as well as Scouts from other areas. Camp Daniel Boone is nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Canton, NC (near Asheville).

The campus and staff are amazing...making this a not-to-miss experience.  New Scouts participate in the Goin' Great program that will help accelerate their start in the Scout program (see Goin' Great guide in Helpful Information list). 

Base Camp: $400 (Most everyone will attend Base Camp)

Boonesboro: $425 (Must be age 13 by June 1, 2022)


  • Payment 1 (Deposit): $200 (By January 12, 2022)

  • Payment 2: $200 (By March 9, 2022)

  • Payment 3: TBD (Transportation Fee, if traveling by bus)


  • Payment 1 (Deposit): $200 (By January 12, 2022)

  • Payment 2: $225 (By March 9, 2022)

  • Payment 3: TBD (Transportation Fee, if traveling by bus)

Make Payments via Check (Payable to "Troop 58"  and bring to a troop meeting

or mail it to: PO Box 58, Davidson, NC 28036 or PayPal (If PayPal, a 3% fee will be applied)


There may be additional costs based on merit badge classes selected. Selection of your classes will happen later (March 2022)


  • We need adults to help us at camp, please consider helping, for more information please contact Mr. Oakley (

  • Please choose "Adult Deposit" by January 12, 2022. Your balance will be determined in March


As we get closer to going to camp we will have more information on transportation. Our plan is to travel as a group using a charter bus and we will pass that cost along as a Third Payment in May 2022 once we know number of scouts attending, so we can divide the costs equally.


After the May 1, 2022 cancellation deadline, any fees paid are non-refundable. So if you are unable to attend camp for illness, family reason or denied entry to camp due to medical checks then your fees paid would be non-refundable. However, individual trip cancellation insurance is available through several insurance carriers. This insurance will cover all expenses of your trip including fees paid to the troop in addition to the camp fee, with no deductible. The purchase of trip cancellation insurance is the responsibility of each scout/family. No refunds or exceptions will be made due to failure to purchase trip cancellation insurance. For some insurance coverage, you must secure the policy before January – when the first payment is made. The troop is not recommending any particular insurance provider, it is your responsibility to assess the need. Again this is completely optional.


Please start planning your doctors appointment for your physical. It is required for Part C of the Health Form. See the "CDB Camp Forms Checklist" on this page. A good general practice would be to schedule this late spring, so that all forms are turned in by May 2022. All other forms are not needed until May 2022.

  Summer Camp COVID-19 Notes  

Pre-Camp Health Monitoring

  • Upon arrival to camp, if anyone within the vehicle you are riding in has any symptoms, then everyone in that vehicle will be sent home

While at Camp

  • Plan on social distancing in Merit Badge classes, in line, actually, everywhere

  • Bring multiple masks.  They will be required everywhere you go while at camp

  • Depending on attendance camp will be split for opening campfire (Sunday and Monday nights)

  • Daily flag opening and closing will be done by campsite

  • Closing campfire will be split into Thursday night and Friday nights

  • There will not be Wednesday (family night) visitors

  • Boonesboro visits will be limited

  • Merit Badges will be offered in half day sessions.  Each scout will go to a class one time for a 3 hour block.  Some classes are full day in order to cover the material


  BT58 will follow all State and Local COVID-19 guidelines  

Note that all adult participants must be registered adults with the BSA and Youth Protection Certified (we will provide information to you if you are not currently registered). Openings for adults are limited and final decison is made by Scout leadership to ensure a safe and enriching experience for attendees.