American Heritage - May 2022




When: May 20 - 22, 2022

Depart: Friday 12 Noon @ MSC Parking Lot (525 Harbour Pl Dr, Davidson, NC)

Return: Sunday Approximately 5 PM

Camping Location: KARS Park on Merritt Island

Camping Type: Car Camping

Travel: Bus

Total Cost: $210 ($50 at Registration / $160 Due Now)

Meals: All meals included

Final Payment: $160 (Use the link below to make the final payment)

Activities includes:

  • Visiting Kennedy Space Center

  • Working on our Citizenship Merit Badges

  • Space Exploration Merit Badge



  • Meet at the MSC Parking Lot at 9:30 AM Friday (May 20, 2022). Our goal is to load the bus quick and get started no later than 10 AM. 

  • Note: It is the MSC Parking lot at 525 Harbour Pl Dr, Davidson, NC. We are NOT meeting at our typical location of Dr. Y's.

  • We will return Sunday May 22 at approximately 5:00 PM. We will communicate our arrival time as we get closer to Davidson


  • We are camping at KARS Park on Merritt Island

  • Here is a link to the location where we will be staying (Campground



  • For our travel Friday wear your Red Class B t-shirt and something that is comfortable. No need to wear your Class A uniform during travel.

  • On Saturday everyone will be wearing their Red Class B t-shirt while at Kennedy Space Center (So make sure you bring it along)

  • Pack your Class A Shirt for Sunday morning service, then you change into whatever is most comfortable for you for the travel home

  • This is a regular car camping trip, so bring your tent, sleeping gear and clothing (Click here for our Car Camping Gear List)

  • Don't forget your rain gear, day pack and water bottle

  • We are traveling on a 56-passenger coach bus, so we will store your gear underneath the bus. Try and keep your gear together with a name on it


  • All meals are provided so there is no need to bring money for food

  • If you want to bring a little spending money to buy souvenirs while at the Kennedy Space Center, that is fine. Remember you are accountable for your own money

  • We would estimate $20 - $30 is more than adequate. If you bring more or bring less or bring none. That is all ok.



  • All meals are provided, be sure to click the link above to select your choices for meals on the trip.

  • One Exception: You must bring your own bagged lunch for Friday lunchtime. We will eat lunch along the way.

  • Friday Evening, will have Pizza for dinner

  • Saturday and Sunday Lunch will be provided

  • Saturday and Sunday Breakfast will be continental breakfast provided at the campsite before we leave for the day

  • Saturday Dinner will be at Gators Dockside at Port Canaveral

  • If you want to bring additional snacks, that is ok. But parents please limit the amount of sugar sent. No one will go hungry on this trip. No peanuts (or any nut products) allowed on the bus



  • If there are specific medications needed to be given out, please let me know.

  • Prescription medications should be in their original containers with the doctor's prescription printed on the container

  • Please don't bring a baggie full of pills and put leaders in a difficult position

  • If anyone is carrying a EpiPen or Inhaler, please make sure the adult leaders know. We know already for most of the scouts; if we haven't spoken about it before, please let us know, even adults, please inform us


  • Adults not registered with the troop; you will need to complete a BSA Health Form. You will receive a separate email from me or Stacy Stahlschmidt with those instructions

  • Scouts, you should be current already, if not "You'll be hearing from us..."


  • You will be receiving an email from your Merit Badge Councilor for this trip

  • There may be some pre-work for you to complete



  • Friday: Depart 10 AM and arrive in Florida at the campground at approximately 7:00 - 7:30 PM

  • Saturday: Depart Campground at 8:30 AM for Kennedy Space Center with lunch at KSC delivered to us from Subway

  • Saturday: Depart KSC at 5:00 PM, with dinner at Gators at 5:30, depart Gators for campground at 7:00 PM

  • Saturday Merit Badge Sessions will start at 7:30 PM

  • Sunday Depart Campground at 8:00 AM, stopping for lunch in Savannah, Georgia

  • Arrive back to Davidson at approximately 5:00 PM


  • If you need a note about the activities we will be doing for any Educational Exception for schools, here is a summary


The boys of Troop 58 will be working on our core aims in scouting "citizenship". We will be discussing "What does it means to be a citizen?". We will also discuss doing our civic duty and taking every opportunity we must provide service to our country, whether through the military, political office, or community projects, and how doing so just strengthens our nation. As part of this program, we will be traveling to the Kennedy Space Center where we will immerse them in the history of space exploration and how it has become pivotal in Americas space program historically and going forward. We'll also show them how over the years, it has evolved to become the starting point for hundreds of scientific and applications spacecraft, and how some of these innovations have made it into our everyday life.